Trisquel Trisquel

Most of Linux users including myself know distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuSE and Gentoo and probably if Richard Stallman himself did not mention the distribution Trisquel hardly I would have discovered it.
So why talking about another distribution, what’s special?

Trisquel is one of the few GNU/Linux distros closest to the Free Software Foundation Spirit and therefore proprietary software like Adobe Flash is not included. But that’s more! Even proprietary firmware is not in the Kernel. As a matter of fact the Kernel is actually Linux-libre, a Kernel derived from the standard Kernel, but with binary proprietary code (also called “blob”) removed. For this reason devices for which is missing the firmware source code or the specifications to develop such code they won’t be recognized. For a list you can have a look at the link below:

Installing Trisquel is quite easy and I suggest to do it in a virtual machine; also the distribution is based on Ubuntu and therefore the package management is Debian like.

Why not to give a try?